The Traveling Webguys also provide Web hosting services, which gives your website a home on our Web servers and establishes your presence on the Internet. We can register your domain name, which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web.

We suggest that you create a virtual e-mail address This will ensure that you always have the option of changing hosts, without having to reprint all your media.

Even if you already have an existing, well-established e-mail address, you need not be concerned about changing to a new e-mail address. You can simply have your email redirected. For example, if you currently receive your e-mail at: resorts@cwjamaica, we can arrange to have messages sent to that address forwarded to your new address. It works transparently, you and your clients will not experience any delay or interruption in service. It's just like making a change of address when you move your home. The mail server will forward mail to the new designated address. And over time, people will come to use and recognize your new address.

We offer reliable web site hosting with the flexibility to meet your professional needs. With the industry's best digital modem equipment, and high-speed fiber optic lines we can support Cold Fusion, SQL, Real Audio, Real Video G2, and SSL E-Commerce hosting. All packages include technical support, so should you run into a problem we will help you resolve it promptly.
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